Functional Textiles

Functional Surface Coating for Protective Clothing

Nothing is as important as health and protecting your own body. Wearers of protective attire, such as those in metal processing or fire brigades, must be able to rely on their equipment. As a competent partner, LEONHARD KURZ offers years of experience in the field of heat protection coatings. Our hot-stamping technology functionalizes glass-fiber-reinforced or aramid fabrics, combined with special adhesive, and makes them more resistant to heat, flying sparks, and liquid metal in the compound. You can find more details about our surface coating for protective clothing here:

Safety for Your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The coating with the products from the ALUFIN 23160® group is used in the manufacture of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of categories I to III. It enables thermal insulation of ambient heat up to 1,000 °C. And even in the event of direct contact with the heat source, for example through flying sparks or liquid metal, the fabric remains protected up to a temperature of 250 °C.

Thanks to the particularly thin protective coating, the flexibility of the textile is maintained. At the same time, the high abrasion resistance ensures reliable protection. For example, our heat-reflective coating technology is particularly suitable as a safety component for emergency clothing for fire service units or for use in the iron, steel, and aluminum industry.

Safer for Your Customers:

  • Heat-reflective surface effects with high abrasion resistance
  • Special coating for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Application on aramid- and glass-fiber-reinforced fabrics
  • For heat protection suits (jackets, pants, boots, gloves, and helmets)
  • Heat protection in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15025
  • Metal-repellent in accordance with DIN 9185 D3

Heat protection for pipe, cable, and battery systems in vehicle and plant engineering: ALUFIN® 23160

In the aviation or automotive industry, high temperatures in the engine area can cause considerable damage to construction components. Strong heat may alter the physical properties of the machine parts, and complete safety would therefore no longer be guaranteed. The KURZ ALUFIN® 23160 transfer coating protects important machine parts from ambient heat. Our ALUFIN® 23160 provides insulation materials with an additional, wafer-thin functional layer for reliable heat reflection.

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