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KURZ offers a large portfolio of metal or pigmented transfer products for decorative and functional textiles. Our LUXOR®/ALUFIN®, LIGHT LINE®, and COLORTEX product lines impress with their brilliant colors, easy workability, and reliability. Our cutting-edge technology and extensive knowledge of the market reliably ensure the consistently high quality of our hot-stamping products.

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Transfer Technology – Exceptional Effects with Advanced Technology

Whether you want to finish decorative or functional textiles, the principle is always the same: A suitable textile adhesive, heat, and pressure are always required for optimal transfer and an adhesive bond between substrate and decoration layer. In order to achieve the best possible application results, there are two common procedures which are used to process KURZ transfer decorations: Finishing with a transfer press or a roller calender.

In the following, we would like to give you a brief overview of both technologies. If you need further support in choosing your decoration process, we are happy to help. Our textile finishing experts will provide you with detailed advice on our different qualities. Simply get in touch with us using our contact form.

Decoration via Transfer Press

Decorating T-shirts with transfer or ironing presses is very common. This up-and-down process is carried out with moderate pressure but a high temperature and long embossing time. The application requires the fabric to be pretreated with a suitable primer. During the transfer process, the coating layer is removed from the transparent carrier with heat and pressure. The primer on the underside forms a firm connection with the substrate, pretreated at the corresponding points. In the case of textiles, the decoration only adheres where the adhesive has been pre-applied and not directly to the textile.

Transfer via Roller Calender

Partial or full-surface decorations are applied over the entire product width of a fabric with a roller calender. The pre-treated transfer product is fed into the calender together with the textile and passed between a heated cylinder and a counter-pressure roller.

A uniformly high pressure must be maintained over the entire surface of the roll in order to ensure precise transmission.

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