Leading Technology for Banknote Security

Banknote Security by KURZ

For 30 years, KURZ has been the world's leading provider of banknote security foils and foil technology. Central Banks in more than 80 countries have placed their trust in KURZ to secure their currencies against counterfeiting threats, and enhance the optical attractiveness of their banknotes. The proprietary KINEGRAM® technology, developed by KURZ subsidiary OVD Kinegram, and our strong innovative capacity are setting the benchmarks for highly sophisticated and successful security features.

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Discover our Modular Banknote Protection Strategy with KINEGRAM® Technology

Based on our modular concept, KINEGRAM® security features can be tailored to fit a wide variety of requirements regarding design, optical effects, depth, lenses, intuitive recognition, and the inclusion of first-, second- and third-line security. Hand-in-hand with this capability goes a dedicated team of experts who are well acquainted with the latest developments and technical know-how. We look forward to creating the ideal security solution with you, based on the elements in our portfolio of products and solutions.

Deeper Insight into our Four Modules


Improve your banknote security with our reliable security elements such as surface-applied stripes, patches for paper or polymer, plus composite substrates, or integrated security threads into paper.

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With only a thin aluminum layer, high-security solutions can be realized. Choose between full or partial metallization, KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® or KINEGRAM® HDM.

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KURZ Technologies

The proprietary, non-holographic KINEGRAM® technology puts major barriers in the way of the counterfeiter and enables the production of unique optical effects that are unmatched by any other security feature on the market.

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Application & Support

In-depth application know-how and support at the printer's premises and the paper mills.

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LEONHARD KURZ Innovation Through Security Technology

Continuous investment in research and development and the intense exchange with customers allows for game-changing innovations, like our latest security technology for banknotes: KINEGRAM DYNAMIC®.


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