Stamping technology from KURZ

The most efficient route to unlimited design variety
One Mold – many Processes

Sometimes the most efficient way of finishing your components is what determines your competitive advantage. This is why it is important for us at LEONHARD KURZ to provide a dynamic, innovative range of technology that can be flexibly adapted to meet your requirements. We are the only company in the world that can offer all finishing processes from a single source.

Whether you require traditional plastic injection molding, IMD, insert molding, IML or hot stamping, various processes can be carried out with just one tool, allowing you to choose the most favorable finishing process depending on the quantity.

New decoration technology


  • Maximum design flexibility for small series and special editions

  • Decoration process can be used for large size parts

  • Various decoration substrates with haptic and optical effects feasible

  • Low temperature and pressure load result in better tactile finishes

  • High flexibility and fast changeover between different decoration parts

Vertical Stamping

Process advantages:

Vertical stamping offers a simple means of decorating two-dimensional plastic surfaces. It can accommodate ...

  • Decoration of the full surface or part of the surface

  • Numerous variations to satisfy different part requirements

  • First and second surface decoration


Unlimited design options with KURZ standard foils for interior and exterior use

  • metallic surfaces, aluminium and chrome
  • Unicolor
  • Brushed and metallic effect
  • Wood design

Environmentally friendly decoration process

  • no wet varnishes used in production
  • expensive surface appearance like chrome or metallic effects using a dry process

Roll-on Stamping

Process advantages:

Process advantages:Roll-on stamping offers a simple means of decorating two-dimensional plastic surfaces

  • Full surface or partial decoration

  • Numerous variations for different decoration requirements

  • First and second surface decoration


KURZ has virtually unlimited design options for interior and exterior use of its standard foils.
These designs include ...

  • Metallic finishes such as aluminium and chrome
  • Unicolor
  • Brushed and metallic effects
  • Wood designs

The decoration process is environmentally friendly ...

  • No wet varnishes are used in production
  • Finishes that resemble expensive chromes or metallics can now be created from a dry process

3DHS® - the Innovation:

  • Hot stamping is now three-dimensional

  • Economical decoration

  • Foil, tool and machine as a system package - perfectly coordinated to one another

As the global leader in hot stamping technology, we are continuously developing new solutions for making our possible applications even more versatile and economically efficient.

We have now been able to expand our range of services in hot stamping with a patented process: 3DHS®.
3DHS® stands for 3D hot stamping, because it is now for the first time possible to refine pronounced 3D geometries with hot stamped decorations, for example, chrome.

Until now, parts with more complicated shapes could not be coated with the conventional hot stamping process and one had to resort to complicated galvanizing. We have now revolutionized classic hot stamping.

With our patented 3DHS® process, plastic parts, for example, a onepiece cover, are provided with a decorative layer - in our example, real chrome plating. The dry and solvent-free process makes a spraying tool, a spray procedure and an installation step unnecessary, which means considerable cost savings.

Other 3DHS® advantages: the technology is environmentally friendly and flexible, because design changes can take place by simply replacing the hot stamping foil.

Insert Molding

As addition to the IMD-decoration the Insert Molding offers by a higher deformation of the foil further possibilities where decoration of strongly contoured and formed parts is requested.

Insert Molding combines hot stamping process, vacuum-forming and molding process.

IMD Decoration

The IMD-technique combines molding and hot stamping into one working operation.

By the complete decoration of plastic parts during the molding operation, the production costs can be reduced considerably: decoration after molding, in-process inventory and additional working steps can be dropped.

This process is working with a modified hot stamping foil which is being fed through the mold by a transportation unit. After closing the mold, the foil is pressed into the cavity by the injection molding material.

Mass temperature ad molding pressure release the decorative layer from the polyester carrier and combine it with the plastic part, which can be taken from the carrier as soon as the molding material cooled down.

After this working step transportation unit is positioning the foil once again.

IMD IML Decoration

This technology simultaneously applies the transparent, conductive PolyTC foil for touch sensor and decorative coatings on components during the injection molding process. The process combines inmold labeling (IML) and inmold decoration (IMD):
The PolyTC lable is inserted in on the core side of the mold. The IMD decorating foil is positioned. After the injection molding process the finished part can be removed and installed.

Typical areas of application include control panels in the automotive or home appliance sector, multitouch in sensors in mobile communications, and also innovative capacitive controls in consumer electronic applications.


IMD VARIOFORM® produces component parts with special 3D geometry in just one, highly efficient production step in roll-to-roll processing. Decoration, deforming, back-injection, and punching are done directly in the injection mold.

The process combines IMD, deformation, and punching techniques as a step towards injection molding integration. Selection of surface design, shaping, and synthetic material is flexible. Just change the IMD VARIOFORM® foil rolls to process different single-image and continuous designs.

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