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Kurz introduces foil metallization solutions for HP Indigo digital printing

Fürth/Germany, 12 February 2019: Kurz, a worldwide leader in thin film technology, today announced new DM-Liner foil overprinting metallization finishing solutions for HP Indigo digital press labels and commercial printing.

The Kurz DM-Jetliner, a digital pre-print foil unit integrated with the HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press and additional narrow-web models, simplifies the production of high-value labels with metallic effects in one pass, on a wide range of substrates, all at full press speed.

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German Design Awards 2019: Special Mention for Leonhard Kurz

Fürth/Germany, 13 November 2018: The third edition of the Box in Box from Leonhard Kurz received a Special Mention award at the German Design Awards 2019. The Box in Box is a collection of elaborately finished sample designer boxes which Kurz issues each year as inspiration for creative packaging design.

The thematic basis for the collection comes from a trend survey that the trend team at Kurz produces each year in collaboration with a trend forecasting agency. The trends are reflected in a variety of ways in the packaging design, and are transformed by the Kurz designers into a tactile and visual experience.

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Concept door trim in speed racer design

Fürth/Germany, 8 October 2018: The coating manufacturer Leonhard Kurz will be exhibiting an avant-garde design for automotive interiors in the form of a door trim concept at this year's Fakuma. The plastic component will be produced at the trade fair booth B1-1105 of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag by means of an injection molding process with concurrent In-Mold Decoration (IMD).

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Two designs plus functional integration in one shot

Fürth/Germany, 1 October 2018: Leonhard Kurz has developed a foil feeding unit for In-Mold Decoration (IMD) with two independently positionable foil webs. Using the patent pending IMD SI DUO feeding unit, it is possible to produce two plastic components with different single-image designs in one shot. At the KraussMaffei booth at Fakuma, two components will be manufactured on a PX 320 fully electric injection molding machine and individually decorated with the help of the IMD SI DUO. A touch sensor from the Kurz subsidiary PolyIC will simultaneously be integrated into one of the components by means of In-Mold Labelling (IML).

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Leonhard Kurz makes brands talk

Fürth, 26 September 2018: In the Digital Village of this year's Luxe Pack Monaco from the first to the third of October, visitors will experience exquisite packaging combined with digital functionality. Leonhard Kurz will be presenting its Black Box, which offers diverse brand experiences to end consumers, while delivering brand owners valuable information on the movement of the product.


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Leonhard Kurz wins Automotive Brand Contest

Touch controlled, illuminated door trim in avant-garde day/night design impresses the jury

Fürth/Germany, 24 September 2018: Leonhard Kurz was selected as a winner at the Automotive Brand Contest 2018. Kurz won in the Future, Mobility and Parts category. The jury of this international design competition for automobile brands was delighted by a door trim with interactive backlighting effects. The prize was awarded for the overall concept of the door trim including surface design, light effects, and touch functions.


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Colors and surfaces from another star

Fürth/Germany, 17 September 2018: The fourth edition of the Box in Box design boxes collection from Leonhard Kurz transports the viewer to unfamiliar design worlds. The new stylish boxes will be presented for the first time at Luxe Pack Monaco from the first to the third of October. The Kurz Trend Team once again enlisted the help of agencies to find the latest trends and social currents, and in doing so discovered four new trend directions. These trends are reflected in the printed motifs and decorative designs of the individual boxes.

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Protecting originals made easy
Hidden authenticity feature applied by thermal transfer printing

Fürth/Germany, 13 September 2018: They look totally inconspicuous: barcodes printed by TTR (thermal transfer printing) in the usual black, on machine, automotive and replacement parts, on chemicals and building materials, on printed circuit boards and pharmaceutical packaging. But these barcodes might have secret inner workings. Because now they can be equipped with hidden, machine-readable authenticity features. By scanning these codes with a special reader, the authenticity of the labeled product can be verified unequivocally.

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World premier at Fakuma: Automated integration of touch sensors by Functional Foil Bonding

Fürth/Germany, 10 September 2018: Leonhard Kurz will be presenting for the first time ever at this year's Fakuma its patent pending FFB (Functional Foil Bonding) sensor integration process. This new process from Kurz provides a fully mechanical method of integrating touch sensors into plastic components. The integration of touch sensors into door trims will be demonstrated live on a newly developed machine from the Kurz subsidiary Baier.


All four in one go: decorating, forming, back-injecting, punching

Fürth/Germany, 24 August 2018: Leonhard Kurz has developed an IMD Varioform process that can be used to manufacture and decorate, in a single step, components for which no efficient decoration solution was previously available due to their particularly three-dimensional geometry. Thanks to IMD Varioform, the fast and flexible IMD roll-to-roll technology can now be employed with these components. Using the single-step IMD Varioform process, the component is decorated, formed, back-injected, and stamped directly within the injection mold. The process combines IMD, forming, and stamping techniques.


Soft touch meets visual design

Fürth/Germany, 16 August 2018: Leonhard Kurz has developed a new product line for in-mold decoration (IMD) with a tangibly and visibly soft surface. These IMD coatings exhibit novel haptic properties while offering the same design and functional scope as Kurz's general products for the IMD process. The haptic and visual designs are transferred in a single process step during the injection molding process. Whereas a velvety haptic effect has previously been reserved for single-color designs only, the new coatings can lend a soft finish to leather designs, or a robust grip to bold color gradients.


Print finishing you can see through

Fürth/Germany, 7 August 2018: Leonhard Kurz has developed print finishing products with novel translucent effects. The Lumafin series will be presented for the first time at Fachpack 2018, from September 25-29 in Nuremberg. It is intended to offer brand owners new possibilities for differentiating their product from the competition, and for adding value. Kurz also hopes its new stamping foils will give packaging designers and graphic artists further creative scope. "A wide variety of creative and surprising design effects can be achieved using Lumafin.


HMI solutions for the future

Fürth/Germany, 2 August 2018: Seamless automotive cockpits controllable by
touch or gestures, household appliances with a stylish dead front look and hidden
control panel, plain surface finishes that reveal mood-setting backlit designs
when approached – Leonhard Kurz will be presenting latest generation HMI
applications at Fakuma. Visitors to the Kurz booth A4-4122 will be able to see a
comprehensive range of surface decoration solutions, sensor technologies, and
industrial sensor integration applications that offer scope for innovative HMI
design and functionality.


HMI concepts seamlessly combined

Fürth/Germany, 24 May 2018: Automotive cockpits with seamless, continuous instrument panels, homogeneous surfaces with a dead-front effect that reveal backlit designs or controls in response to a hand gesture – the coating specialist Leonhard Kurz will be showing what the car interiors of the future will look like at this year's Automotive Interiors Expo from the fifth to the seventh of June in Stuttgart.


Future fashion trends at MCBW

Fürth, Germany, February 20, 2018: The upcoming generation of fashion designers presents its cutting-edge creations at this year's MCBW (Munich Creative Business Week). At the opening ceremony on May 3, graduates of the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode/Designschule in Munich (German master school for fashion/design) are hosting a fashion show combining unexpected styles, colors, and materials in the BMW double cone building. Under the slogan "Expeditions/Confessions" they borrow from the work world to combine traditional fabrics with new materials, hard-wearing weaves with delicate cloth, and functional cuts with decorative details.


Kurz cold foil passes deinking test with distinction

Fürth/Germany, 14 December 2017: INGEDE (the International Association of the Deinking Industry) has confirmed the flawless deinkability of a cold foil produced by Leonhard Kurz. The finishing foil, presented to the association by Kurz, passed the deinking test with a score of 100 out of 100 possible points. The deinking process led to a maximum removal of ink from the printing product, as well as upmost brightness. The best possible optical quality was achieved, which allows the deinked cardboard to be recycled without any problems.


Creative light design for home appliances

Fürth/Germany, 12 October 2017: At this year's Fakuma, from 17-21 October in Friedrichshafen, Leonhard Kurz will be showing how home appliances are being turned into designer items. The specialist for decorative and functional surface coatings will present designer refrigerators with novel backlit front panels at Fakuma. There is an increasing trend towards integrating kitchens into living areas. As a result, the visual appearance of the kitchen interior is becoming ever more important. Kurz is responding to this trend with front panel designs for home appliances that are eye-catching in daylight and when backlit.


Leonhard Kurz brings new colors into play

Fürth/Germany, 14 September 2017: At Luxe Pack in Monaco, current design and color trends will be front and center at the Leonhard Kurz booth. The company will present new and unusual colors for hot stamping enhancement.

In developing these color innovations, the Kurz design team has drawn from its latest trend analysis. The annual Kurz trend study, carried out with a trend agency, sifts through hip lifestyles and documents current trends. After categorizing five trends, designers have developed hot stamping foil colors which transmit an attitude to life, capture sentiments and reflect the zeitgeist.


Surface design and coating technology innovations

Fürth/Germany, 29 August 2017: Leonhard Kurz will be presenting novel backlit surface designs at Fakuma 2017. Using an automotive door trim as an example, Kurz will demon-strate the use of variable partial backlighting to produce mood-setting day/night designs with color changes, color gradients and changing color intensities. Besides surface finishes, multi-colored designs with a special depth effect will be presented where the three-dimensional effect is especially striking as a result of the backlighting.


Digital web-fed printing machine with integrated metallization unit

Fürth/Germany, 26 July 2017: Leonhard Kurz will present a world first at Labelexpo in Brussels from 25 - 28 September: the DM-Liner UV-Ink Built-in finishing station, integrated into a narrow-web printing and further processing machine.

This transfer station for digital metal foil from Kurz is a component of the new
Mlabel Generation 3 Mprint printing system which prints, finishes, punches and weeds labels. At the Kurz trade fair booth the full range of functionality of the Mlabel system will be demonstrated, including the trouble-free integration of the digital metal transfer step into the digital printing process.


Peter Mühlfelder is a new board member of the International Currency Association

Fürth/Germany, 29 May 2017: Peter Mühlfelder, Head of Business Area Security at Leonhard Kurz, has been elected into the board of the International Currency Association (ICA). With two other newly appointed members, he will be part of the ICA's seven-person executive committee for the next two years.

Kurz, a leading supplier of foil-based security solutions for banknotes, is a founding member of the ICA, which was formally established in 2016.


Sealing caps with electroplated look

Fürth/Germany, 26 April 2017: Leonhard Kurz has developed a new decoration method for plastic sealing caps, which enables true metal layers to be applied without electroplating. The patent-pending Kurz CAP-tivate Luxury process creates a high-gloss metallic finish that is very similar in appearance to electroplating. At the same time, it fulfills the very stringent chemical resistance requirements of, for example, the cosmetics industry.


A sample says more than 1000 pictures

Fürth/Germany, 25 April 2017: Leonhard Kurz, a manufacturer of decorative and functional coatings, will be presenting Kurz Instant Prototyping, a new prototyping service for customers at Interpack in Düsseldorf from May fourth to tenth. Thanks to Kurz's expertise in stamping foil finishing, the instant prototyping service will be able to provide customers with custom decorated packaging or label samples - if necessary, within a single day.


Exclusiveness on a roll

Fürth/Germany, 18 April 2017: Leonhard Kurz will be presenting its new foil transfer unit for digital metallization in a web-fed printing process at Interpack, from May fourth to tenth in Düsseldorf. The machine is a roll-to-roll version of the DM-Liner UV-Ink, which transfers metallizations to paper and plastic substrates using the inkjet process. Kurz developed this finishing station to enable the nar-row-web processing sector to also take advantage of all the possibilities offered by its digital metal transfer technology.


Foil requirements calculation via mouse click

Fürth/Germany, 12 April 2017: Leonhard Kurz will be presenting its Foilconnect program for calculating foil requirements at this year's Interpack, from May fourth to tenth in Düsseldorf. The purpose of the program is to provide print finishers with a particularly fast and easy means of optimizing their hot stamping foil usage. To determine the foil requirements, a PDF file containing all the stamping designs is first uploaded. Next the machine specifications and stamping job details are entered and, a few clicks later, all the necessary information for efficient foil usage and machine setup are then obtained.


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