Labelexpo Europe 2019

24-27 September 2019, Brussels Expo

Visit LEONHARD KURZ at Labelexpo Europe 2019 in hall 3 booth D 40!

Join the Label Rebellion!

As a pioneer and driving force in the industry, we at KURZ are committed to a courageous mission, which we also see as our vocation: We literally want to make every product unique. As industry experts, we are convinced that there is still a lot of potential in the world of labels that needs to be exploited. For our customers. For their success. And thus ultimately for their future.

As the "leader" of the "label rebellion", we have a lot to offer everyone who wants to shake up the industry with us: Sustainable technologies, progressive solutions, enriching products and fascinating ideas that can lead the industry into a secure future in the long term.

In this sense: Join the label rebellion - and become part of a new, radiant world of labels.

So what can you look forward to at this year's Labelexpo?

No more and no less than a firework of KURZ solutions that make your product unique!

  • HP Indigo and KURZ: Perfect partners to print different
  • LUMAFIN®: Semi-transparent spot effects for labels
  • KPW XU: Excellence in overprinting
  • TTR Unique VEROSPEC® - The Third Dimension for your 2D-Barcode!

HP Indigo and KURZ: Perfect partners to print different.

Real metal on demand!

What an exciting world: The printing industry is continuously changing. Only those who have sustainable concepts and forward-thinking partners, will be able to survive in the long term: Sustainable concepts like DIGITAL METAL®, the innovative enhancement process for digital finishing with real metal.

And forward-thinking partners like HP Indigo & KURZ.

DM-JETLINER® – real metal on paper and synthetic materials

You can discover this process LIVE during Labelexpo! A focal point of the KURZ booth will be digital finishing using the DM-JETLINER®: there will be a live demonstration of an HP Indigo 6900 digital printing machine with an integrated DM-JETLINER® finishing module, which will be used to metallize web-fed labels at printing speeds and overprint them in a single pass.

Trade fair visitors can observe the seamless integration of the DM-JETLINER® into the printing process and the creation of luminous metallic colors, decorative individualized elements, and holographic effects.

Visit the Kurz booth 3D40 to discover the wide range of design effects that can be achieved.

And don't forget to note...

September 26th 10:15am in your calendar and to go to the Press Office Theatre on that day: our colleague Simon Rumble will tell you how to gain real added value in printing with highest quality, high production speed and with precise customized metallization by KURZ DIGITAL METAL®!

LUMAFIN®: Semi-transparent spot effects for labels

Inspire with brilliance!

Packaging designers and finishers in sheet-fed printing are already familiar with it: the semi-transparent KURZ transfer product LUMAFIN®, which allows the printed material to shine through in a mysterious way. LUMAFIN® was developed by KURZ to give designers new scope for unique product presentation. The finishing element sets unusual accents on packaging and enables designs that are surprisingly different and unmistakable.

At Labelexpo Europe the new LUMAFIN® quality for narrow web printing will be presented. The special light and color effects of LUMAFIN® are now also available for roll labels.

Want further inspiration?

A variety of labels decorated with LUMAFIN® and demonstrating the interplay of color printing and Lumafin decoration will be on display at Labelexpo.

LUMAFIN®: Enhance differentiation with new design possibilities, extended product portfolio and consistent appearance!

KPW XU: Excellence in overprinting

Come and see the masterpiece cold foil for narrow-web printing!

Our new development aims to provide label printing companies with a cold foil that combines good processing characteristics and overprintability as well as excellent finishing results. KPW XU is characterized as a versatile grade that offers a high covering power and edge definition, high-gloss finish, and good adhesion when applied, as well as good overprintability with UV inks.

Want some inspiration? At the KURZ booth 3D40, a variety of sophisticatedly finished labels will demonstrate the versatility of the KPW XU cold foil!

KPW XU: Increase efficiency through reduced downtime, reduced scrap and easier processing!



The Third Dimension for your 2D-Barcode!

Your customers should know: if it bears your name, it's genuine. That's why KURZ has developed a thermotransfer foil that makes your labels forgery-proof.

TTR Unique VEROSPEC® tags them with an exclusive and invisible security feature. Only devices with special software can read the feature. This is bad news for counterfeiters because they can't even see what they would have to copy.

Making labels forgery-proof is easy with TTR Unique VEROSPEC®: you change neither your usual print settings nor the print process. To get started, just insert the thermotransfer foil customized for you!

Come and see how it works – live and impressively safe at KURZ booth 3D40!

Tamper-Proof Labels for Your Product!

Thermal-transfer foils in your corporate color

Anyone can do black. Color print catches eyes.

That's why KURZ has created color your brand®. We will develop thermal-transfer ink ribbons for you in your exclusive corporate color, even if it involves very special color blends, which can be held constant for you over the years.

With color your brand®, KURZ is making a statement - when it comes to producing thermal-transfer foils in custom corporate colors, KURZ is leading the way. Our technology helps enhance your market presence. Labels and barcodes in corporate colors make your products even more unique.

TTR by KURZ for your special jobs

If you are seeking a solution to a complex print job, look us up! Our development department is glad to break new ground with you.

KURZ's quality requirements are strict. Even when developing new products, we supply thermal-transfer ink ribbons that meet the highest demands and boast certificates that you will need no matter where you are located.

We are looking forward to your project.

Visit LEONHARD KURZ at Labelexpo Europe 2019 in hall 3 booth D40!
We are looking forward to seeing you.

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