Functional Foil Bonding

Functional Foil Bonding (FFB) is a patent-registered procedure for fully automatic, high precision integration of highly conductive, transparent PolyTC touch sensors for plastic parts:

  • Transfer of a functional element to a substrate using pressure and heat
  • Durable compound created by chemical bonding, without bubble formation due to any gas from the plastic substrate
  • Integrated process, depending on geometry and size of component and sensor
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LIGHT LINE® Soccer - The New Kick in Decoration

Make your product fit for the kickoff! Our new, dynamic LIGHT LINE® Soccer design raises the pulse of soccer fans. In the process, the holographic effects can be used entirely flexibly for any type of printed product. In this way you can transform literally any product decoration
into a sure hit.

  • Cold foil transfer or hot stamping foil
  • Various color variants are possible
  • Shim line free endless design

New website now also in Japanese

The new KURZ website is now also online in Japanese: www.kurzjapan.com

The KURZ product range, news, trade fair impressions, specialized technical knowledge, insights into industry applications – all this can now be found in Japanese. Our personal service is available as usual from KURZ JAPAN in Osaka and branch offices in Tokyo, plus at all our other worldwide locations.

KURZ at Munich Creative Business Week

In search of new trends LEONHARD KURZ promotes young talents. This year we are supporting graduates of the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode/Designschule in Munich (German master school for fashion/design) with our brillant foil designs. Interested parties can admire their creations at the "Expeditions/Confessions" fashion show on March 3. Our clients can use this opportunity to learn about the workabillity, durability and brillance of our metal foils.

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