Smart. Surface. Design.

New decoration solutions for plastic components

Discover Quantum Leaps in Plastic Decoration

LEONHARD KURZ is your full-range design and service partner for exceptional finishing of products, from the concept stage through to series manufacture.

As a driver of innovation in the industry, we always have our finger on the pulse of the times in both aesthetic and technical terms: We are continually spotting new trends and translating them into innovations.

The result?
Completely new designs and efficient process technologies.

  • KURZ top coats -
    the best beside human skin
  • One tool - 5 processes - unlimited Designs
  • Eye-catching Backlighting
  • Breakthrough in lightweight Composite Decoration
  • KURZ touch & gesture:
    Form meets function


For more information please visit:

Light Management:
Eye-catching backlighting

Light concepts without limits

Light is gaining increasing importance as a design element in the individual design of spaces and surfaces - in both functional and aesthetic terms.

Light allows you to set exceptional accents - be it as an important function display, a practical light source, or subtle background lighting.

Individual highlights that set your products apart from the competition. In vehicles as well as in electronic products, household appliances, or furniture.

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