It's time to dress up. It is well known that customers pay attention to the packaging as well as the contents of a product. And an attractive packaging design gives companies a clear advantage over the competition. Whether with classic metal tones such as silver or gold, trendy colors, pigmented or diffractive decors, high-gloss or matte - decorate your mascaras, lipstick tubes, cream jars, bottles, and many other types of plastic packaging with our decoration options:

  • Brilliant finishing with stamping technology
  • Color concepts and effects for a glossy appearance
  • Comprehensive possibilities - from metal tones to pigment decorations
  • Perfectly tailored to your specific requirements

Finishing Tailored to your Requirements - Stamping Decorations by KURZ

Purchase decisions are extremely emotional, especially in the cosmetics sector. That's why the feel and look of beauty products are very important. New trend colors and effects appear with every season. To keep up with these trends, you need a partner that can respond quickly. That's what we're here for - even for small special series. Our decorations are geared towards the requirements of the cosmetics industry and achieve excellent values in the respective durability tests. See for yourself!

Stamp finishing for cosmetics from KURZ:

Stamp Finishing for Cosmetics from KURZ:

  • Extensive and constantly growing color portfolio or tailored to your own wishes
  • Suitable for a wide range of substrates and shapes
  • Flexible color changes and multiple decorations in a single step

More Brilliant. More Attractive. More Sustainable - LUXOR®/ALUFIN® STV

New effects. More design freedom. Significant consistency and attractiveness at the POS: LUXOR®/ALUFIN® STV provide impressive design possibilities on tubes and other UV-coated or printed surfaces - and at the same time increases product durability. A groundbreaking feature is that STV makes overwriting possible. This means that products with two finishes can be enhanced - creative scope for multi-colored overlaying metal effects or even for perfect 360° decoration.

  • New visual effects thanks to overstampability
  • Higher mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Even more robust and durable decoration
  • For most delicate motifs and for large-scale finishings
  • Also ideal for applications on PET materials

Impressive. Durable. Enchanting - LUXOR®/ALUFIN® SPP

Cosmetics and beauty are a close-knit duo. Products that make our appearance more attractive must themselves look good: LUXOR®/ALUFIN® SPP revolutionizes the visual effect of your cosmetic products, such as mascara and other polypropylene jars. A solution for many applications that opens up new paths in terms of product quality and product fascination for you as a brand owner and processor.

  • High resistance for a long service life
  • Virtually limitless design possibilities
  • Wide range of colors for attractive design creations
  • Standing out at the POS to win over customers

Plastic Finishing With Brilliant White: LUXOR® SPW

Nothing is impossible: Discover the power of bright white for your beauty products. Whether large surfaces, ultrafine lines or design highlights - LUXOR® SPW enables fascinating white finishing with a special esthetic value and ensures a brilliant shine. It is also very scratch- and abrasion-resistant and therefore impresses with its durability. Set trends and impress at the POS.

  • White dry transfer with brilliant shine
  • Scratch, abrasion, and impact-resistant
  • Filler-resistant
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Versatile design options

Eye-Catching through and through

With the LUMAFIN® and LIGHT LINE® product lines, particularly striking effects can be achieved that make plastic products such as mascara containers real attention-getters.


The products are available in a wide range of translucent colors with great depth and shimmering effects. The visual impact is further enhanced by the interplay with the background color. Printed motifs that are embossed with LUMAFIN® are given a unique appearance. The products are not only available in high-gloss and transparent shimmer, but also in a variety of colors.

The LIGHT LINE® range is based on holographic structures that refract incoming LIGHT and divide it into its spectral colors. Thanks to the extensive product portfolio of continuous holographic designs, there are virtually no limits to the individual design possibilities. These range from geometric shapes, such as squares, circles, or triangles, through various line shapes, dots, waves, or combinations thereof, to a full-surface, absolutely seamless. 'rainbow' effect.


Breathtaking! Impress with uniquely finished products, with a high degree of customization - consumers will be fascinated and become fiercely loyal to your brand.

Revolutionary Glass and Tube Decoration: ISIMAT inLine FOILING®

Groundbreaking for applying metallic decorations to glass and plastic containers: inLINE FOILING® was developed and patented in collaboration with our subsidiary ISIMAT. This creates new, breathtaking opportunities for glass, plastic and aluminum in the cosmetics and beverage industry.

With our innovative inLINE FOILING®, your cosmetics products can be finished easily, quickly, and cost-consciously with extraordinary metallic decorations - and with only low pressure and no heat. This technology can be used in our T-series, for tube decoration, as well as in our I-series. In addition, our machines have the option of using resource-saving LED technology.


Flexible! inLINE FOILING® is the answer to complex decoration requirements for tubes and can be combined with screen, flexographic, or digital printing.

Brilliant and Eye-Catching: Cosmetic Boxes from KURZ

Make your cosmetics packaging stand out from the crowd: Metallized hot-stamping decoration in gold, silver, or other colors from KURZ. With LUXOR®/ALUFIN®, LIGHT LINE®, COLORIT® and TRUSTSEAL®, as a long-standing expert partner in the hot stamping sector, we offer comprehensive design ranges that leave nothing to be desired for processors and designers.

You can benefit from a practically unlimited range of applications!