Sustainable Concrete Coating

Increase the Service Life of Concrete – With KURZ SIPORIT®

Le Corbusier already knew about the beauty of concrete. This cement-based building material has maintained its position as an evergreen in architecture to this day. However attractive the artificial stone look is, signs of age become more visible every year. But not with KURZ!


... for a bridge to modern design
... for a change in the design process
... for a more sustainable use of concrete

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Surface Protection Is an Art - Get Ready for the Future with KURZ SIPORIT®

Concrete is a fundamental evergreen in architecture. Its only Achilles heel is its aging symptoms over time. But KURZ has a solution: SIPORIT® is an innovative surface treatment for fresh concrete that makes this building material more hardwearing. This gives the concrete new functional and aesthetic properties: SIPORIT® optimizes the edge zone and protects components with high requirements for use from aggressive media and penetrating gases. Extreme weather conditions, exposure to carbon dioxide, and mechanical stress? No problem - because...

SIPORIT® Makes Concrete More Resilient

  • against weathering (reduction of water absorption and penetration depth, increase of frost resistance)
  • against decay (reduction of diffusion and efflorescence, optimization of hydrophobic properties, improvement in protection of the concrete edge zone)
  • against pollution (environmental and carelessness)
  • against vandalism (graffiti and scribbling)

The Innovative Revolution: Concrete Surface Treatment by KURZ

SIPORIT®. Various protection solutions for concrete already exist, but in terms of sustainable construction, the time has come for new perspectives. SIPORIT® is the innovative surface treatment to optimize the edge zone and make the concrete more resistant - while preserving the concrete character! KURZ's many years of experience in the finishing of diverse surfaces helps us to develop concrete that is more resistant. The construction industry is faced with ever-increasing demands, so we strive to: Functionally protect the concrete surface during production and give it a decorative touch if necessary. Take a stand for quality with us and make your concrete more resistant with SIPORIT®!

A Sustainable New Approach to Surface Protection

High-quality surface protection that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of sustainability: SIPORIT® makes concrete more hardwearing and durable. This means you'll save on resources used during complex post-treatment. At the same time, you can optimize your production process: Casting and protection merge into a single work step. And by the way, you'll also protect your formwork. How does this work? Find out about the advantages and application of SIPORIT® in our detailed video and contact us.

Make your concrete more hardwearing with SIPORIT® from KURZ

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