Making of

Our 2021 Holiday Greetings to You

A Christmas Story by KURZ

As soon as summer draws to a close, a particularly exciting phase begins for LEONHARD KURZ: The pre-Christmas period. In the last few months of the year, we dedicate our thoughts and efforts to our customers, in particular, and recall all our joint projects. The contemplative atmosphere of the festive period is the perfect opportunity for us to express our gratitude. Despite all the turbulence caused by the pandemic, together we have succeeded in opening up new collaboration opportunities and taking a step further towards smart and sustainable surface innovations. We would like to thank you for your courage and flexibility!

Thank you for developing with us and for allowing us to grow even closer as partners.

As a sign of our trust, we invite you to take a look behind the scenes with us. Accompany us as we develop this year's holiday greetings and find out more about how we work in detail.

Making of – The Step-by-Step Path to Our Festive Greeting Card

The theme of our 2021 greeting card is 'Change of direction'. Hardly any year has required as much rethinking and mental agility from all of us as this one. Still, it was not only the pandemic but also our own desire for innovation that has driven us to change our direction in design, production, and sustainability.

From the old year ...

... peacefully to the new

Step 1: Design

The finishing process already plays a decisive role during the design stage. To give our greeting card that typically festive Christmas feel, we chose hot stamping with gold and copper tones. For additional vibrancy, we use a background grid in the design that creates almost magical light effects.

Step 2: Embossing

Both the years '21' and '22' as well as the background grid were given a special look and feel by our hot-stamping technology. We used our LUXOR® 385 and LUXOR® 396 transfer finishes to give the card this sophisticated touch.

Brass stamp from Hinderer + Mühlich
Number and background embossing
Pronounced transfer finishing

Step 3: Punching and Perforating

In this penultimate step, the card is removed from the sheet through punching and perforating. This completes the production of the card. As a final step, the card is assembled in order to achieve the exciting turnaround effect.

Step 4: The Greeting Card

What would a Christmas card be without a few personal words? To ensure that our holiday greetings also look sophisticated, we used our LUXOR® 385 for delicate hot-stamping on a semi-transparent paper substrate. This enabled us to easily implement our greeting card in 23 language versions.

The Result

Our Top Christmas Colors 2021

Gmund Colors Shade 55
LUXOR® 385
LUXOR® 396

Want to know more about our Christmas trends for 2021? Then contact us.

In the meantime, we wish you a peaceful Advent season and a great start to the new year.

The whole KURZ team wishes you a Merry Christmas