Creation Process

Artistic KURZ Season's Greetings 2023

Season's Greetings from LEONHARD KURZ

The year 2023 has brought exciting changes for KURZ. Together with our customers, partners, and employees, we have achieved much, advancing innovations and sustainability goals.

We sincerely thank you for celebrating numerous successes and evolving together.

Here, we provide an exclusive insight into the motif selection and the creation process of this year's greeting card.

Similar to last year, we combined various finishing solutions to showcase the motif, designed by the artist Jürgen Durner.

Discover how each step unfolded and let our embellishments inspire your own projects!

From an Oil Painting to an Embellished Greeting Card in 3 Steps

This year's greeting card was designed and embellished based on an oil painting by Jürgen Durner. Our gratitude goes to Mr. Durner for his inspiring collaboration.

Step 1: The Motif

As you look at the greeting card, it's like peering through a window frame, framing a surface resembling etched glass. Behind it is a vaguely warm room, a typical motif of the Berlin artist who plays with reflections, light effects, and distortions in his works. KURZ took on the challenge of embellishing this abstract motif, giving it a Christmas and festive character with various prints and embossing.


With this abstract motif, we symbolize the transition from 2023 to 2024. After an eventful year, we look forward to the time between Christmas and New Year, where we can find peace, retreat into our private lives, and relax. During this time, we can gather strength and prepare for the upcoming year.


Painting & photos: Jürgen Durner

Step 2: The Printing

The greeting card consists of a six-page gatefold, initially printed in 5/0 colors. The wintry pine green Pantone® 5605 C was used as a spot color along with four-color printing. The substrate chosen was 300g/m2 Algro Design Duo.

Step 3: The Finishing

The finishing process occurred in several consecutive steps: The frame on the outside was embellished with hot stamping and nano embossing using LUXOR® 455. The inside was also hot foil stamped as flat embossing with LUMAFIN® 799 Clear. Following that, the artistic motif was hot foil stamped as flat embossing with COLORIT® 307015. Both flat embossings were then embossed or debossed, with the outside blind embossed. After the six sides were printed and embossed, further processing included die-cutting, creasing, cutting, and folding.

LUMAFIN® 799 Clear
LUXOR® 455
COLORIT® 307015

The Stamps

For intricate and delicate embossing, high-quality stamps are needed, shaping the paper gently and creating the desired reliefs.

Our subsidiary, Hinderer + Mühlich, offers a wide range of stamps, embossing wheels, and embossing accessories, assisting you with extensive expertise from simple embossing stamps to highly complex embossing tools.

The Greeting Text

On a greeting card, our personal words to you must not be missing. We chose the elegant gold tone of our LUXOR® 220 for the text color, complementing the festive atmosphere of our Christmas card, for which we created 25 different greeting texts. On the back, the subtle gray tone Pantone Cool Gray 6c harmoniously fits into the overall picture.

Want to learn more about our finishing techniques, colors, or design consultation? We look forward to hearing from you! Until then, we wish you a reflective Advent season and a great start to the new year.

Merry Christmas from Your KURZ Team.